Yvonne Smith said “Garage Door Opener Repair???”

Yvonne Smith, Nextdoor Lookout Mountain <reply@nextdoor.com> wrote:
Does anyone know of a garage door opener repair person/company that has experience dealing with tower interference? I have had 4 different contractors, none of them can fix, or replace my openers. …

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  1. Kim Wyman, Nextdoor Lookout Mountain replied:

    Hi Yvonne, We certainly did have tower interference issues when we built our house almost 7 years ago. We’re on (the short) Sky Meadow Lane, and also had to be right in front of the garage door to have the opener work. But the outfit who we bought our beautiful wooden garage doors from was able to make our openers work. He also works on another house, on Grandview. The company is Garage Doors USA, and his name is Bob Hackenberg. They have 2 or 3 trucks now. They’re great! His phone number is 720-436-8282.

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