Smoke and Fire

Hi Folks,

I thought I’d send out a note sharing what I have learned from Randy (my
husband), who is currently working as Agency Administrator for the fire in
Conifer, and is well plugged in to the “fire scene”. He has asked around
and found nothing specific for our area. There were many lightning strikes
(obviously) and there certainly may be “sleepers” (smoldering, low level
fires that are hard to detect) out there. Today is a day with gusty winds
and very low relative humidities, and things will dry out fast. The burning
conditions will be good, and if there is a sleeper it will pop up in short
order. It is important for all of us to keep our eyes open over the next
day or two or three so such a situation can be dealt with quickly. Please
watch for columns of smoke and/or flames.

As for the smoke, the folks in Fire Dispatch tell Randy that it is actually
possible that we were smelling smoke from the fires in SW Colorado, which
are burning very intensely. Time will tell. Let’s all keep our eyes open.

I hope this is helpful,

Jennifer Corbet