CARE WARNING: USPS Mailboxes @ I-70 & Grapevine broken into…

Mike Swango from Lookout Mountain 2 at 8:46 AM

The Mail Drop Boxes on Grapevine and I-70 have been broken into and the mail stolen. We think it is safer to drop our mail there than leave it in the mail box with the flag up, but thieves drilled out all the rivets on these last night and took all the mail that had been dropped there over the weekend.

Since there was no mail service because of Veterans’ Day they got everything dropped off from Friday night until last night. We had at least 5 checks stolen. Thieves are looking for checks. They wash them with chemicals and fill them out to themselves to cash. We have spent the morning stopping payment on checks but this can take up to 24 hours and there is a charge on each check.

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    I was concerned about this so I talked with the post office this morning and found out they picked up the mail Monday evening at around midnight so if you dropped off mail after nidnight then you need to be concerned.

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