Sam is missing — please watch for him?

Sam is missing

This is John Dolloff, 364 Spruce Road. Just to let you know that “Sam” (see picture above), a black and tan male German shepherd about six years old and good friend to many in Cody Park is missing. Normally he is on a chain when outside as he was last evening about 9pm. At about 10pm I went to bring him in and he was gone. (Pal King stayed home). Incredibly, about 60 feet of chain plus the screw in steel anchor was gone with him. Left a trail for a short ways. I cannot believe he could do this. He has not come home as he would do if able and I fear he may be hung up somewhere in the woods. He may have been spooked by the neighborhood cougar who has been around lately??  He have tramped the mountain all day looking to no avail and the wind is no help.

Everyone please keep an eye out and I will be forever grateful for any sightings and calls.

Thanks, John,  303-526-0564,



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  1. A sad note from John, received today (12/03/2013):

    Thanks for posting my Sam missing report from yesterday. We are now 99% sure that the cougar took him, plus the chain and anchor. King (the other sheperd) was the only witness, is terrified and refuses to go outside alone. This is the only scenario that computes, especially since the cougar was seen back in the yard last night, same time, probably looking for seconds. Unfortunately, when the door was opened, he/she ran off before a shot could be fired. Alas!!! Better watch your front as well as back! Probably more later as events unfold.


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