Jefferson County, Colorado
Offical government site for Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Sheriff
The Sheriff’s office has a reverse 911 system in place to alert you in case of an emergency in your area. The Sheriff’s office encourages you to call 911 (if urgent) or 303.271.0211 to report:

      • Bear and mountain lion sightings
      • Suspicious activities
      • Smelling or seeing smoke

The public can consult the Crime Unit for statistics on crime in each neighborhood, while the CBI website provides background checks that would identify criminal history.  For more information about the Jefferson County Sheriff department, such as “Jeffco’s Unsolved Mysteries“, “Traffic & Traffic Accident Info“, “Animal Control“, and “Behind the Badge“, click here.

Foothills Fire Protection District

Genesee Fire Protection District

Are you wildfire ready? Will you be prepared for the next wildfire?

Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District

Jefferson County Planning and Rezoning

The EMR Policy Institute
Advancing sound public policy on the use of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF). Includes sworn expert testimony from the 1999 & 2003 Lookout Mountain SuperTower court cases.

Lookout Mountain Water District

“Nextdoor” – the private social network for your neighborhood