Weed War

Weeds are a growing concern in our neighborhood. Many homeowner associations and individuals informed CARE that they felt overwhelmed by the numbers of weeds after last summer’s rains, particularly, the Bull, Canada and Musk thistles.

The Mission of the CARE Weed Committee is to maintain the natural heritage of the neighborhood we live in by preserving native plant species as well as mitigating against the spread of invasive weed species. By working with nature we can preserve the essence of the Ponderosa Pine Woodlands and Savannas natural communities that are located within our neighborhoods. Together we can reduce the use of water, reduce erosion, reduce the risk of fire (native species are tougher during droughts) and enhance the natural beauty of this unique part of Colorado making our neighborhoods more beautiful, sustainable and safer.

Neighbors who had worked hard to eliminate noxious weeds despaired because neighboring areas were infested so the weeds would return. CARE hopes to help share information on what works, investigate grants and foster cooperation in dealing with this invasion. CARE is contacting Jefferson County regarding the weeds on Apex Trail and along right of ways and Denver over weeds on their lands in our neighborhood. Mt. Vernon Country Club HOA pioneered the use of goats several years ago because weed seeds swallowed by goats are destroyed in their digestive systems. Mt. Vernon is now experimenting with the use of a fungus that only attacks thistle. Genesee shows good weed control.

Fighting other noxious weeds.

Summer is here.  Here are steps you can take yourself to control and eradicate noxious weeds (Check Guidelines and website for the specific weed you are working on):

The KEY to control for all weeds is to prevent seed production and their spread.

If there are manageable amounts of weeds then it might be best to pull them, roots and all and immediately put in a plastic bag. If you have a large amount, cut off heads with a lawnmower which has a collection bag.
Warning! Myrtle Spurge requires extra protection.

Spraying with chemicals.
Licensed Spraying Companies
If you decide to do it yourself be sure to follow the directions on the label.

Eliminate Bare Ground:
Over seed your land with Native Mountain Grass Seed specific for the Front Range Area (designed for 6,000 to 10,000 feet)  Methods for Over seeding
Available at:

Denver Federal Center
Building 56,  Room 2604
PO Box 25426
Denver, CO 80225-0426
Direct Phone Number: 720-544-2869
Maria Bumgarner, Agricultural Coordinator
e-mail- bumgarnermaria@gmail.com
BE SURE TO CALL AHEAD to order your seed and make arrangements to pick up.
The guards will not allow you past their gate without a contact name and phone number (which they will call upon your arrival).

Arkansas Valley Seed Co.
4300 Monaco Street
Denver, CO 80216
Phone: 303-320-7500
Web: www.AVSeeds.com
Custom Mixes Available for 1/2 to 1 Acre Minimums

Meyer Hardware
1103 Arapahoe Street
Golden. CO 80401
Available mixes: Foothills Mix, Low Grow Mix, Mountain Mix

Pawnee Buttes Seed, Inc.
P.O. Box 100
605 25th Street
Greeley, CO 80632
Phone: 1-800-782-5947
Pawnee Buttes Seed Co has designed seed mixes for each of the major fires that have occurred in Colorado.

Suggested native plants for our front range by the Colorado Native Plant Society link.
pg. 12 & 13 has list of plants continued on pg. 14 & 15

Fertilize – Nitrogen fertilization favors weeds, so do it carefully but fertilize because it can help your grasses compete with the weeds.
There is a special organic lawn fertilizer for Colorado soils and climate called:
Alpha One Lawn II Plus Iron.
Products are organic and pet friendly. See product description  @ http://alphaoneinc.com
Available at the following locations
listed here:   http://www.carejeffco.org/fertilizer-sources/

If you or your HOA wish to hire a weed management company it is wise to contact them as early as possible because they get booked up fast. Here is a list of such companies Please let us know about other providers as well.

Jeffco has noted the growing infestation and started issuing citations on weeds to folks in our neighborhoods.

Having noxious weeds on our property is against the law.  The State has RULES PERTAINING TO THE ADMINISTRATION AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE COLORADO NOXIOUS WEED ACT which might be of some interest (127pages).

In Colorado, realtors and sellers are required to disclose the presence of Noxious and invasive weeds to the buyer.

The below mentioned have decided to make our Lookout, Lininger, Genesee Mountain and Mt. Vernon their home. They were chosen because of their presence and classification by the state.

The top Class A
(must be eradicated)
noxious weed in our neighborhoods is:



Top Class B
(stop the continued spread)
noxious weeds  in our neighborhoods are:

Thistle, Bull 


Canada ThistleThistle, Canada    Class B

Canada Thistle

Thistle, Musk  Class B

Musk Thistle Rosette

Musk Thistle

Musk Thistle

Knapweed, Diffused

Diffuse Knapweed Diffuse Knapweed

Diffused Knapweed

Knapweed, Russian


Knapweed, Spotted


Toadflax, Dalmatian Version 2

Dalmatian Toadflax

Toadflax, Yellow


Top Class C
(selected for recommended control methods)
noxious weeds  in our neighborhoods are:

Common Mullein

Apex Trail 2015

Common Mullein


Downy Brome (Cheatgrass)


Yellow Alyssum

CARE welcomes volunteers to join the CARE Weed Committee.