Wildfire Preparedness Digital Resources

It’s never too early to start preparing for the wildfire season that will soon be upon us. As I sit in my kitchen, looking out at the March snows coating the yard, I recall that just last month we had 4 wildfires in the Front Range.

So let’s get busy and get ready, because it’s coming.

Many thanks to Cindy Latham, Chair of Rotary Wildfire Ready, who forwarded these resources to us. It is with her permission that we are posting these.  Ready Set Go, Wildfire Action GuideRead Ready, Set, Go! The Wildfire Action Guide online. Download PDF here.

Read the Home Assessment Checklist online. Download PDF here.

Read Harden Your Home online. Download PDF here.

 Read Defensible Space online. Download PDF here.

Read Emergency Go Bag online. Download PDF here.

To read all of the brochures online, go to https://simplebooklet.com/rotarywildfirereadybepreparedforwildfire.

Colorado Home Insurance Checkup: Questions to Ask Your Agent/Broker – download here.

Preparedness Tips from the Trenches: United Policyholders – download here.

You can get more information at rotarywildfireready.com, or contact Cindy directly at rotarywildfireready@gmail.com.