Suggested Method for Overseeding

The C.A.R.E. Weed Committee suggests the following tips for over-seeding in the fall:

  • Remove weeds from the area you are over-seeding.
  • Prepare your acreage by scuffing up the bare dirt spots with a rake or turning the soil with a shovel. The surface should be relatively smooth before seeding.
  • Wait until the outside temperature is a consistent 50 degrees, but before the ground freezes (generally October for our mountain community). This will prevent the grass seed from attempting to germinate before our winter snows. Note: You can over-seed on top of snow.
  • Seed should be planted at a depth of approximately ¼ inch and covered with approximately 2” inches of soil.   Seed that is not covered will not germinate. One pound of seed covers approximately 2,400 sq. ft. of land.
  • If you decide to cover the seed with a layer of seed-free & weed-free grass hay, you may want to check out companies like the Arkansas Valley Seed Company,
  • One standard bale covers approximately 650 sq. ft. If you are seeding a sloped area, it may be  of benefit to also use an erosion control netting on top.