The Colorado Wildfire Risk Public Viewer

A normal human trait is to avoid looking for trouble before it happens. Unfortunately, engaging in this type of behaviour can lead to unfortunate and even deadly circumstances, especially where wildfire is concerned.

Hence we at C.A.R.E. are presenting the Colorado Wildfire Risk Public Viewer.

This viewer is a joint venture between the Colorado Forest Service and Colorado State University. It’s designed to increase wildfire awareness, provide a comprehensive view of local wildfire risk and local fire history, and educate about wildfire prevention and mitigation.

Sometimes this is all it takes — seeing your home in relation to real wildfire risk and to encourage you to get busy with the mitigation chores that you’ve been putting off all summer long.

Remember, this viewer contains no guarantees and makes no warranties. Use it to remind  yourself that, as much as we love the land, we have to be aware of the possible risks of living within the woodland-urban interface.