2022 Firework Sales Ban in Jeffco

Jeffco Board of County Commissioners

This morning, Dave Hammond, the head of our CARE Wildfire Committee, spoke in front of the Board of County Commissioners on behalf of CARE, supporting the ban on fireworks sales in unincorporated Jeffco. Three folks from the Evergreen Wildfire Ready Committee also spoke supporting the ban. The BCC approved a ban of fireworks sales within unincorporated Jeffco.

Commissioners Kerr and Dahlkemper were already on board with the ban, and ultimately Commissioner Kraft-Tharp was convinced also to support the ban.

Three fireworks industry reps and vendors spoke at the start of public comment. They talked about the effort that the industry is making to educate the public, and that the items they sell do not explode or shoot up in the air. It’s good that they’re trying to educate the public.

Despite the snow and moisture this weekend, the County is still under Stage 1 fire restrictions, which prohibits the use of all fireworks, including small fireworks… https://www.jeffco.us/517/Fire-Restriction-Details

The NIFC (National Interagency Fire Center) Significant Wildfire Potential Outlook for May through August has the Colorado Front Range in the above normal significant wildfire potential category. Supervised or not, any stray spark from any fireworks ‘device’ could still get out of control quickly under the current conditions.

Please be cautious. Please use common sense. Please do not use fireworks. Be firewise.