A Case Study of the Camp Fire – Fire Progression Timeline

After siege of blazes, experts say California must improve wildfire evacuation plans.

This publication is downloadable and available free of charge from:

The Camp Fire. November 8, 2018, Butte County, California. The foothills of the Sierra Nevada, so much like our own inter-mountain Jefferson County, Colorado. Over 18,000 destroyed structures, 700 damaged structures, 85 fatalities. The numbers only tell part of the story.

map of California, Butte CountyFollowing the fire event, this in-depth case study was completed in an effort to better understand Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) fire behaviour; how it spreads, why it behaves like it does, how to be better prepared to evacuate populations, and how to structure response to a WUI fire event.

This report also includes a tool to assess a community’s local wildfire hazard and readiness for wildfire. It covers questions such as :
    • Do you have an evacuation plan?
    • What is the capacity of evacuation routes and are they lined with overgrown vegetation?
    • Are there safe assembly areas if evacuation isn’t possible?
    • What percent of the communities enrolled in opt-in warning systems?
    • Do you have a way to relay warnings if there is a loss of power, phone or internet?
It’s a long read, it even takes a long time to download, but it does provide some really good guidelines for planners and leaders, as well as residents.
Download this publication at https://doi.org/10.6028/NIST.TN.2135