Golden Transportation Plan passed last night, with major new concessions from CDOT

Tonight was the City Council hearing on the beltway. The draft of the
agreement with CDOT is at: (GoldenCDOTDraftAgreement.pdf)
The new agreement is vastly different from the original plan which CINQ and
others have been fighting for 15 years or so. Golden has won huge
concessions, including:
– 45mph (55mph on 6th from 19th to Heritage) instead of 70mph
– noise mitigation to 55 db much lower than CDOT standards
– 4 lanes (until traffic reaches 70,000/day, after decades) instead of 6
– tunnel at 19th & 6th not in original
– tunnel at Iowa & 93 not in original
– raised medians on 6th and 93 with trees & landscaping not in original
Additional advantage is that air pollution would be less just because cars
pollute much less when they are not starting & stopping at traffic lights.
Also part of 93 would be rerouted to the west.
The major concession Golden had to make was to agree to an added “managed”
lane after traffic reaches over 70,000 cars/day – which would be serious
congestion (stop & go), and wouldn’t happen for decades. Managed lanes are
like the HOV lanes in Denver. They could be tolled (but not for buses). The
city will include a requirement that free and “managed” lanes be maintained
At the hearing, attended by about 145 people, about 28 people made public
comment, overwhelmingly in favor of approving the new agreement and grateful
for the work done by the city in gaining all these concessions.
Council voted 6-1 in favor of the new agreement, Bob Vermeulen providing
the nay vote.
Great credit goes to Council and to city staff, especially to Mayor
Marjorie Sloan and Public Works Dan Hartman (who has been working on the
issue for 25 years). Marjorie made contact with CDOT engineers and got them
on board with Golden’s needs. She also took officials from other cities on
tours to show them Golden’s special situation, which helped to defuse their
frustration with Golden’s so-called “NIMBY” stand. Golden continues to work
with Muller Engineering.

Shred-A-Thon 2013, Saturday 5/18, 7AM – Noon

Turn your sensitive documents into Crime Stoppers confetti

Jefferson County, CO. – The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is proud to once again be a part of the Crime Stoppers annual Shred-a-Thon.  On Saturday, May 18, from 7 a.m. to noon, Shred-it, Inc. will be providing on-site shredding of your personal documents (bank statements, bills, old tax returns, etc.). This event is a major fundraiser for Crime Stoppers, and tax deductible donations are encouraged.

The process is an easy drive-thru and drop off.  Shred-it, Inc. will accept three boxes or plastic grocery bags of documents per vehicle, and all documents will be shredded on-site using commercial-size shredders.  The resulting confetti-like material is then recycled.  The shredders will chew through metal binders and clips, so there is no need to remove staples, paperclips or other metal pieces.

Law enforcement personnel from the Sheriff’s Office and Arvada Police Department will be on hand to accept your documents and donations.  Shredding will take place in the lower west parking lot of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, 200 Jefferson County Pkwy. in Golden.

For additional information, contact:

Jacki Kelley, Public Information Director
303-271-5697(desk) / 303-435-1421 (cell)

Mark Techmeyer, Public Information Officer
303-271-5602(desk) / 303-419-3392 (cell)