Native Grasses

If you’re new to Colorado and the inter-mountain West, and you’re longing for those lush, green lawns that are so plentiful east of the Mississippi, we’ve got news for you. Much of Colorado is High Plains and relatively arid. What doesn’t fit that description is mountainous, with lots of snow in the winter and spring, monsoonal storms in the summer, and drought in the fall. Turf-style lawns, such as Kentucky Bluegrass, just don’t cut it here. A water-wise investment that looks as beautiful as turf can be had, according to the Denver Post: Continue reading “Native Grasses”

Countywide Wildfire Efforts & Resources 2022 (video)

To: C.A.R.E. Delegates, Friends, Fire Departments, Community members concerned about wildfire issues…

WHAT:  C.A.R.E. Quarterly Meeting Featuring Jeffco Director of Open Space-Tom Hoby, Director of Transportation and Zoning-Abel Montoya, and Director of Federal Grants-Mary O’Neal, leading a conversation on Wildfire mitigation and evacuation issues and funding.

WHEN:  Wed November 9th, 2022

WHY:  C.A.R.E. exists in unincorporated Jefferson County. Jefferson County and the Board of County Commissioners is the first level of government over the entire CARE area; they facilitate significant State and Federal funding on wildfire matters as well as evacuations and rules relating to wildfire mitigation.

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SLASH Collections 2022

What is SLASH?

Slash is debris from nature, such as tree limbs, prunings and pine needles. If not removed, slash can add to potential fire hazards on your property. The importance of mitigating and preparing your property for wildfire cannot be overstated – and again this year, Jefferson County is your partner in this effort. Following is the proposed schedule for SLASH collection during the Summer and Fall of 2022.  Continue reading “SLASH Collections 2022”