Purge Your Spurge, Myrtle Spurge

Purge Your Spurge! Event Aims to Help Eradicate Toxic Weed

You may have seen it in a neighbor’s yard. Maybe you have it in your own yard. And maybe you even think it is somewhat attractive. But the truth is, there is nothing pretty about the noxious weed Myrtle spurge. Jefferson County Weed & Pest needs your help in getting rid of this plant that takes over the landscape and is a danger to people, desirable plants and wildlife.

Myrtle spurge (Euphorbia myrsinites) is a highly invasive ‘List A’ noxious weed that is required by the Colorado Noxious Weed Act (C.R.S. 35-5.5-101-119) to be eradicated. Myrtle spurge contains a toxic, milky sap which can cause severe skin irritations, including blistering. Hand-pulling, digging, and herbicide applications are effective methods used to control it. It is highly recommended to wear gloves, long sleeves, shoes and eye protection when in contact with Myrtle spurge as all the plant parts are considered poisonous.

Identifying Myrtle Spurge: This weed, also called donkeytail spurge or creeping spurge, is a low-growing perennial with trailing fleshy stems which spreads rapidly to surrounding areas and can ‘jump’ fences to natural areas and displace native vegetation and reduce forage for wildlife. The leaves are fleshy, blue-green and alternate; the flowers are bright yellow-green, petal-like, and appear from February to May.

Jefferson County Weed & Pest is partnering with Wildland Restoration Volunteers (WRV) to raise awareness and ensure eradication of Myrtle spurge.  For more information about WRV and other Purge Your Spurge visit their website at www.wlrv.org.

Alicia Doran, County Weed & Pest Management Specialist
303-271-5989, adoran@jeffco.us

Katie Matthews

Community Relations and Marketing Coordinator

Jefferson County Open Space

303-271-5960 Direct  720-415-9173 Cell



Trails Talk Forum April 2015, “Know Before You Go”

For Immediate Release:
Trails Talk Forum 2015-Apr Teaser promo graphicJefferson County Open Space is hosting their Spring Trails Talk public forum with the theme of encouraging park visitors to “Know Before You Go”. Many of the topics center around being prepared before visiting a park, and knowing your alternatives—resulting in a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

This event will be held on Wednesday, April 29, from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., at the American Mountaineering Center, 710 10th St, Golden, CO 80401 in the first floor conference rooms.

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Discover Wildflowers in Jeffco Open Space

From Bailey Becker, Jeffco Public Information Office, 4/03/2015:

WildflowersHave you ever wandered down a trail in your favorite Jeffco Open Space Park and wondered what those beautiful wildflowers were? If you take a Native Plant Master® Course, you will learn not only the names and identifying features of these trailside beauties but also discover interesting facts about their lifestyles, friends and foes. Upcoming offerings include:
•    NPM Course at Mt. Falcon Park on Fridays May 8, 15 and 22, 8:30 a.m.-12:40 p.m.
•    NPM Course at High Plains on Saturdays May 9, 16 and 23, 8 a.m.-12:10 p.m.
•    Plants of Green Mountain: Wednesday, May 13, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
For a list of other Native Plant Master offerings, see www.npm.eventbrite.com. Register soon as offerings fill quickly. If you would like to receive notices of future classes, contact npmassistant@jeffco.us.

For information about Jefferson County Extension, visit www.jeffcoextension.org or call 303-271-6620.

Central Mtns Plan, last public input meeting

From: Russell Clark [mailto:rclark@co.jefferson.co.us]

Thanks to those who were able to attend the Land Use Open House on October 30th.  We got some great feedback from those who attended.  Another Open House is scheduled for Thursday, November 7th, 5-8PM, in the Jefferson County Admin Building (the Taj), in the Lookout Mountain Meeting Room (downstairs).

Attached are PDF copies of the red-lined documents staff has made on the chapters on the Central Mountains Community Plan.  A draft version of the “clean” updated plan will be sent out early next week. If you would like a copy sent directly to you, contact me.

If you have any question, comments or concerns after reviewing these document, please contact me either by phone (303.271.8754), email (rclark@jeffco.us), or in person.  The primary purpose of the next open house is to gather more feedback on the proposed land use maps and policies.

Thanks again for your continued efforts.

Russ Clark, 303.271.8754, rclark@co.jefferson.co.us



The Draft 2013 Jefferson County Open Space Master Plan is available for public review!

The Open Space Master Plan is “an overarching strategic plan” which “reflects the mission and goals of Jefferson County Open Space”, while respecting the original Open Space Resolution of 1972 and the Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations of 1987.

The Open Space Master Plan is revised every five years, with the purpose and intent of setting goals and objectives for the Open Space Program. The citizens of Jefferson County should be able to understand how Open Space works by reading through this Master Plan. The Board of County Commissioners, the Open Space Advisory Committee, and Open Space Staff are guided in direction and operation by the contents of the Open Space Master Plan.

This year, 2013, the Open Space Master Plan is being re-written. A draft of the proposed 2013 Jeffco Open Space Master Plan is available on the Open Space Master Plans page. We have also posted the 2008 Jeffco Open Space Master Plan for comparison.

Public input is being sought for the Draft 2013 Open Space Master Plan. Five public meetings will be held in August, two this week and three next. At these meetings, a short presentation will occur (around 6:15 PM) and will be followed by group interaction. Ideas and suggestions can be submitted through comment cards (at the public meetings) or by email:

For more information and the schedule and location of meetings go to the PLAN Jeffco website, the Open Space Oversight page, http://www.planjeffco.org/open-space-oversight_current-initiatives.html

Wild Neighbors Open House at the Nature Center, Mon 8/12

A chance to learn more about rattlesnakes, bears & mountain lions, and how to successfully co-exist. Meet the Naturalists who know the answers.

Here is a great chance to learn about rattlesnakes, bears and mountain lions. From all the communication on this subject it is obvious that there is a need for more factual information. Hopefully, you’ll be able to attend this very worthwhile meeting this coming Monday at the Nature Center (address below) between 5 and 7 PM. This is open session where you can talk directly with the Naturalists, no scheduled lectures.


From: Alicia Vermilye <avermily@co.jefferson.co.us>

Date: August 7, 2013 12:52:46 PM MDT

To: “‘jarvisjw@comcast.net'” <jarvisjw@comcast.net>

Subject: Meet your wild neighbors

Because of the recent emails about rattlesnakes up here on Lookout Mountain, the Nature Center would like to offer an Open House about rattlesnakes and also bears and mountain lions. We’ll have two naturalists on hand to answer questions and show off some great props!

With a better understanding of these wild neighbors, we can live with them more successfully.

Thank you,

Alicia Vermilye, Naturalist

Lookout Mountain Nature Center, Jeffco Open Space

720.497.7601, http://lmnc.jeffco.us


Lookout Mountain Nature Center is holding a Wild Neighbors Open House for our neighbors on Lookout Mountain. Stop by to learn about the wild animals that live on Lookout Mountain and at the same time meet your neighbors!

Living with Your Wild Neighbors Open House Lookout Mountain Nature Center – 910 Colorow Road, Golden Monday, August 12, 2013

5-7:00 pm

•         Learn about rattlesnakes, bears and mountain lions

•         Talk to naturalists about living safely with these wild neighbors

Drop by anytime between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. for this FREE event Complimentary refreshments provided Call 720-497-7600 for more information Lmnc.jeffco.us

Apex Open Space Park Trailhead Project – latest report

From: apexpark [mailto:apexpark@co.jefferson.co.us]
Subject: Update to Apex Trailhead Project


In May I emailed a note to all of you regarding the Apex Park Trailhead project.  We completed the public input process in April and received many useful and positive comments regarding the project and appreciate your input.  An information document describing the plans for the trailhead project is  available on our web page at this link-

apex park trailhead final recommendation plan[1]

We hope to begin construction soon pending several permits that are awaiting approval.  Our hope is to begin construction later this month or August.  I’ll keep you posted on more details of the project as they progress.  Thanks again to all of you for your interest in this project and Apex Park.

Tim Sandsmark

Lookout Region Parks Supervisor

Open Space






Central Mountains Plan Update Meeting, 6/18/2013

From: Russell Clark [mailto:rclark@co.jefferson.co.us]
Subject: Central Mountains Plan Update Meeting Announcement


After a long delay, the next meeting for the Central Mountains Area Plan update is set.  The meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 18th from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Boettcher Mansion.  The purpose of the meeting is to review the Wildfire goals and policies in the existing Central Mountains plan and in the Comprehensive Master Plan.

I will be sending documents for the meeting soon.

Thanks for your patience,

Russ Clark

P.S.  Jefferson County has updated the website, so the links that were sent out earlier probably won’t work anymore.

The direct link to the Central Mountains Plan Update is now:

or, you can use this ‘new’ shorter link: