Countywide Wildfire Efforts & Resources 2022 (video)

To: C.A.R.E. Delegates, Friends, Fire Departments, Community members concerned about wildfire issues…

WHAT:  C.A.R.E. Quarterly Meeting Featuring Jeffco Director of Open Space-Tom Hoby, Director of Transportation and Zoning-Abel Montoya, and Director of Federal Grants-Mary O’Neal, leading a conversation on Wildfire mitigation and evacuation issues and funding.

WHEN:  Wed November 9th, 2022

WHY:  C.A.R.E. exists in unincorporated Jefferson County. Jefferson County and the Board of County Commissioners is the first level of government over the entire CARE area; they facilitate significant State and Federal funding on wildfire matters as well as evacuations and rules relating to wildfire mitigation.

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Fire on the MountainJefferson County Planning & Zoning has scheduled public hearings for Phase 2 of the Wildfire Regulation updates.  Hearings will be held as follows:

  • Planning Commission – Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 6:15 pm
  • Board of County Commissioners – Tuesday, October 4, 2022, 8:00 am


SLASH Collections 2022

What is SLASH?

Slash is debris from nature, such as tree limbs, prunings and pine needles. If not removed, slash can add to potential fire hazards on your property. The importance of mitigating and preparing your property for wildfire cannot be overstated – and again this year, Jefferson County is your partner in this effort. Following is the proposed schedule for SLASH collection during the Summer and Fall of 2022.  Continue reading “SLASH Collections 2022”

What is a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)?

CWPP update 2020 cover pageIf you’ve lived in the wildland-urban interface (WUI) area of Jefferson County, or any WUI anywhere, for that matter, you’ve likely heard of something called a Community Wildfire Protection Plan, the CWPP, for short. But, just what is a CWPP? Continue reading “What is a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)?”

A Case Study of the Camp Fire – Fire Progression Timeline

After siege of blazes, experts say California must improve wildfire evacuation plans.

This publication is downloadable and available free of charge from:

The Camp Fire. November 8, 2018, Butte County, California. The foothills of the Sierra Nevada, so much like our own inter-mountain Jefferson County, Colorado. Over 18,000 destroyed structures, 700 damaged structures, 85 fatalities. The numbers only tell part of the story. Continue reading “A Case Study of the Camp Fire – Fire Progression Timeline”

The Colorado Wildfire Risk Public Viewer

A normal human trait is to avoid looking for trouble before it happens. Unfortunately, engaging in this type of behaviour can lead to unfortunate and even deadly circumstances, especially where wildfire is concerned.

Hence we at C.A.R.E. are presenting the Colorado Wildfire Risk Public Viewer.

This viewer is a joint venture between the Colorado Forest Service and Colorado State University. It’s designed to increase wildfire awareness, provide a comprehensive view of local wildfire risk and local fire history, and educate about wildfire prevention and mitigation. Continue reading “The Colorado Wildfire Risk Public Viewer”

What Does a Well-Mitigated Forest Look Like?

Dead or over-stressed forest - US Fish & Wildlife Service
Dead or over-stressed forest – US Fish & Wildlife Service

In 1944, the longest-running public service campaign in US history took off with the now-familiar message, “Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires”.

Now we have come to realize that this well-meaning approach has had devastating consequences. Our western forests, which evolved with fire as a controlling mechanism to prevent overgrowth, Continue reading “What Does a Well-Mitigated Forest Look Like?”