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Hoarding 101: Hoarding Reality vs. What You See on TV

Hoarding 101: Hoarding Reality vs. What You See on TV

You’ve seen the hoarding shows on TV– rooms piled high with junk, closets overflowing, and people whose lives have been overtaken by their obsession with stuff. But when someone in real life has a hoarding disorder, is that really what it looks like?

The consequences of hoarding behavior can be severe and have major impacts on health and safety as well as social and emotional well-being. However, not all cases of Hoarding Disorder are as severe as what is shown on TV.

Join Jefferson Center Clinician Amy Miller to learn more about hoarding disorders and the best ways to get help.

  • The difference between “collecting” and “hoarding”
  • The criteria for someone to be diagnosed with Hoarding Disorder
  • Factors that contribute to developing Hoarding Disorder
  • How to get help for someone and the evidence-based treatments available
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