Lookout Alert 2022

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CodeRed is now LookoutAlert.

The company name hasn’t changed; LookoutAlert is a new, different service that’s taking over from CodeRed. By the end of June ’22, CodeRed will no longer be sending out alerts. Instead, LookoutAlert will do that job.

Why the change? Your C.A.R.E. Board has been told that LookoutAlert is more flexible and better able to communicate with those who are part of the system. LookoutAlert covers most of Jefferson County (see below for more information on which sections of Jeffco are not covered).

Here’s the catch: if you’re not signed up, you’re not going to get the alerts.  So here’s what you need to do: sign up.

In years past you may have created an account at www.Smart911.com, and if that’s the case, you’re almost done. The company that owns/operates Smart911 is also the company that owns and operates LookoutAlert, so your Smart911 profile is all that you need for LookoutAlert. HOWEVER, take this opportunity to go through your profile information and update it. Don’t forget to add medical history, allergies & medications, other residents in the home including your furred, feathered and finny friends who live with you.

If you haven’t yet established a Smart911 / LookoutAlert profile, do it now. Sure, you can check with Facebook, Twitter and the U.S. Weather Bureau to get information on emergency events (fire, flood, tornado…), but that’s not going to get a first responder to you if you slip in the bathtub or have a heart attack.

You don’t need a mobile phone in order to use the life-saving services offered by Smart911 / LookoutAlert. Even if you do have a cell phone but it doesn’t function at your house, simply list your land-line phone in addition to the cell when you update your Smart911 account. By listing land-line and cell, home and work numbers, your chance of getting emergency messages increases exponentially. Using this multi-pronged approach at least partially circumvents the possibility of telecommunications links being offline during an emergency event.

Alerts that will be sent out: severe weather; safety risks (pre-evac/evacuation notifications, shelter in place alerts); health risks; and test messages.

How to get started: go to LookoutAlert.co or scan the QR code below and sign up/update your Smart911 profile.

LookoutAlert QR Code

6/13/22: Not a resident of Jefferson County, Colorado? If you do you live in Jefco but are a resident of the City & County of Broomfield or the City of Westminster? Check your local governments for the alerting system that covers your area. You can also check into the NOAA Weather Radio, the Colorado Broadcasters Association Emergency Alert System (EAS), and the Federal Communications Commission Wireless Emergency Alerts (WES).

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