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Betcha Didn’t Know This!

As we approach our Wildfire Season, thoughts may be turning to “When a wildfire happens and we have to evacuate, how does this all work? Who’s in charge? When will we find out if we have to leave? What should I do if I get an evacuation call, and who will it come from?”

Foothills Fire & Rescue home page bannerAlan Anderson, our Foothills Fire Protection District Fire Chief, offers this illuminating description of what, who, why, where, when and how… Continue reading “Betcha Didn’t Know This!”

Wildfire Wednesdays 2020, Entire Preso Series

Wildfires happen. They can be devastating, incredibly disruptive, and life-altering. In October 2020, the Colorado State University Extension presented a four-part offering on wildfire and related topics. Following are links to each of the four presentations (YouTube). If you’re more comfortable viewing static files, you can download (as PDFs) copies of the slides from each of the presentations. Continue reading “Wildfire Wednesdays 2020, Entire Preso Series”

Common Mullein

Common Mullein


Verbascum thapsus L. (Scrophulariaceae)
Colorado Dept. of Agriculture C List for Containment

Dig the rosettes or spray. Cut off flowering heads and Bag

Aliases: Aaron’s rod, Adam’s flannel, beggar’s blanket, beggar’s flannel, beggar’s stalk, big taper, blanket herb, blanket leaf, bullock’s lungwort, candlewick plant, clot, clown’s lungwort, cow’s lungwort, cuddy’s lungs, devil’s tobacco, duffle, feltwort, flannel leaf, flannel plant, fluffweed, golden rod, great mullein, hag’s taper, hare’s beard, hedge-taper, ice leaf, Jacob’s staff, Jupiter’s staff, lungwort, miner’s candle, mullein, mullein dock, old man’s flannel, Our Lady’s flannel, Quaker rouge, rag paper, shepherd’s club, shepherd’s staff, St. Peter’s staff, torches, torchwort, velvet dock, velvet plant, white man’s footsteps, wild ice leaf, witch’s taper, woolen, wooly mullein.

Continue reading “Common Mullein”

Weed Management Companies

American Tree
17355 West 57th Avenue
Golden, CO 80403

Colorado Tree Specialists

Senske Services
525 Violet Street
Golden, CO 80401

Foothills Vegetation Management Inc.
19394 Silver Ranch Rd.
Conifer, CO 80433

Lam Tree Service
30476 Bryant Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439

Mountain High SAVATREE Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care
5717 West 11th Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80214

Swingle Lawn Tree & Landscape Care
8585 East Warren Ave
Denver CO 80231

Weed Wranglers Inc.
Littleton, CO

Please note: This list is provided solely as a courtesy and no endorsement or guarantee is intended or implied by including or by not including a company on this list. Other licensed contractors may be available in your area. We Recommend that you get references and evaluate qualifications before choosing an applicator.




Jefferson County, Colorado
Offical government site for Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Sheriff
The Sheriff’s office has a reverse 911 system in place to alert you in case of an emergency in your area. The Sheriff’s office encourages you to call 911 (if urgent) or 303.271.0211 to report:

      • Bear and mountain lion sightings
      • Suspicious activities
      • Smelling or seeing smoke

The public can consult the Crime Unit for statistics on crime in each neighborhood, while the CBI website provides background checks that would identify criminal history.  For more information about the Jefferson County Sheriff department, such as “Jeffco’s Unsolved Mysteries“, “Traffic & Traffic Accident Info“, “Animal Control“, and “Behind the Badge“, click here.

Foothills Fire Protection District

Genesee Fire Protection District

Are you wildfire ready? Will you be prepared for the next wildfire?

Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District

Jefferson County Planning and Rezoning

The EMR Policy Institute
Advancing sound public policy on the use of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF). Includes sworn expert testimony from the 1999 & 2003 Lookout Mountain SuperTower court cases.

Lookout Mountain Water District

“Nextdoor” – the private social network for your neighborhood