Who We Are

Who We Are


CARE is a nonprofit coalition of HOA’s and associations umbrella homeowner’s association in the central mountains of Jefferson County.

Purpose: to preserve and enhance the community and the environment, provide a forum for community deliberation and a unified affirmative action to promote positive governmental action consistent with the needs of the area.


Jefferson County area between Clear Creek and Bear Creek from the Hogback to the Western Border of Jefferson County. The CARE area is bisected by Mt. Vernon Canyon and Interstate 70 and includes Mt. Morrison, Genesee and Lininger Mountain and Mt. Vernon.

Strength in Numbers

We live in a county with over a half million residents. Jefferson County is our first level of government. By banding together, we gain a more effective voice with Jefferson County and other governmental agencies through our “strength in numbers” From 1987 to the present, CARE has monitored, alerted the community and fought numerous rezoning attempts that threatened to significantly change the character and health of the neighborhood.

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Read about the Early History of CARE

Creative Talents of our Community

Our neighbors are folks with many talents and ideas that have enhanced our community. For example, about 20 years ago, Cynthia Pougalis, came up with the idea of resurrecting history and the old tourist route called the “Lariat Trail Loop”. Tourists would drive to Golden, up to Lookout Mountain, then Evergreen and back down to Morrison. Along the way they would stop at the parks and explore the geology, history, wildlife and vistas of our area. CARE helped create a network of all the local museums along this route that grew, earned a grant and became the Lariat Loop Scenic Byway and organization. See http://www.lariatloop.org

CARE sponsored tours have showcased the work of our talented artists and gardeners. Committees such as “Trails” and “Wildfire Prevention” help enhance and protect our community.

Delegates to CARE Board

Each HOA and recognized association within the CARE area is entitled to a voting delegate to the CARE Board. If you are interested in becoming a delegate, please let your board president know. If you do not see your HOA or association on the list below, please contact CARE President, Deb Carney, deb@carneylaw.net

Homeowner Associations in CARE Area

Ballantine Road, Burleson Ranch HOA, Cabrini Shrine, Chimney Creek HOA, Cody Park, Colorow Ridge HOA, Columbine Glen, Genesee Crossing HOA, Genesee Foundation, Genesee Gathering Group, Genesee Village HOA, Hess Avenue HOA, Idledale, Lininger Mtn HOA, Lookout Mountain Residents United (LMRU), Lookout Mountain Crest, Lookout Mountain Road, Lookout Mtn Park HOA, Moss Rock Road HOA, Mount Vernon Estates,Mount Vernon Country Club Metro District MVCC, Panorama Estates HOA, Panorama Heights, Paradise Hills HOA,Pine Tree Park Subdivision, Pinecrest Road, Rainbow Hills HOA, Rilliet Park, Riva Chase, Rockland and Swift Fox Trail HOA.

It is important that each HOA file an annual registration with Jefferson County in order to receive notices of rezonings and other Jefferson County actions near their HOA. CARE can assist with these registrations.

CARE has a special committee to evaluate the ability to create some geographic associations of residents living in the area but not in any HOA or other recognized association with a voting delegate.

Volunteers welcome. CARE thrives through the ideas and efforts of the volunteers in our community. Volunteers do not need to be delegates.

CARE Meetings of Delegates

Classroom of Highland Rescue Station
317 S Lookout Mountain Rd on Lookout Mt.

7PM . 2016 Quarterly Meeting Dates:

Feb 16th, a Tues
May 17th, a Tues
Aug 31th, a Wed
Dec 7th, a Wed

These meetings are open to the public.


CARE is supported by annual dues of at least $100 paid by the HOA’s in the CARE area and donations sent to CARE Treasurer,

Dick Bartlett
25824 Gateway Drive
Golden CO 80401