Wildfire Safety Guide, California Know-how

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Wildfire preparedness – have you done it yet?  Ya, me neither.

We live in wildfire country, we each mean to get around to it, and then life interferes…so let’s start again.

An ally from California – well-known as home of some of the most devastating wildfires in American history – has compiled a “get started” wildfire safety guide, available here.  It’s arguable, but California may have more experience with tragic wildfires than we do in Colorado, and all the material that we on your CARE Board have reviewed on this site is valid for our situation.

The Wildfire Safety Guide is a good place to start, a great checklist to get you moving on doing as much as possible to protect against the inevitable wildfires that will happen.

And as always, neighbors and friends, stay safe, stay connected.

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