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The Academy at Jefferson Center

Integrated and Individualized Education and Treatment Services

At The Academy at Jefferson Center, our mission is to provide integrated and individualized education and treatment services to empower each student to thrive in a structured learning environment. Since our opening in August 2011, we have been dedicated to equipping our students with the necessary social and emotional skills to transition successfully to their home public schools.

Our Philosophy: Collaboration and Partnership

The Academy at Jefferson Center is a licensed Day Treatment program by the Colorado
Department of Human Services. To be eligible for admission, students must meet the
following criteria:

  • Must be ages 5-18 years old
  • Placed by the School District or county department of human services
  • Require special education services
  • Have a current Individual Education and Behavior Plan (IEP)

Why Choose The Academy at Jefferson Center?

Success-Oriented Approach: Our goal is to equip your child with the social and emotional skills needed for a successful transition back to their home public school.

Collaboration with Families: We believe in working together with parents and families, your child’s home school district, and other professionals to meet their unique needs effectively. 

Expert Care and Support: Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing the best care and support for your child’s educational and emotional growth. 

Highly Structured Environment: Each classroom maintains a small student-to-adult ratio, ensuring a focused and supportive atmosphere for personalized attention. 

Licensed and Accredited: The Academy at Jefferson Center is licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services, assuring you of a trusted and reliable program.

Contact Us!

If you are a parent, guardian, or community partner seeking help, reach out today at: 303-425-0300.

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    Getting Started
    Jefferson Center provides client-centered services designed to meet your individual mental health, substance use, and wellness needs. We’re dedicated to meeting you where you are in your journey and working together to help you live a satisfying and hopeful life.

    Emergency & Crisis Services
    • Hotline
    • Walk-in crisis centers
    • Mobile crisis services throughout the state